Molluscum contagiosum - treatment of children and adults

Traditional methods of treatment are:

  • cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen
  • curettage of lesions
  • electrocoagulation
  • photodynamic therapy
  • laser ablation
  • therapy with potassium hydroxide
  • treatment with podophyllotoxin
  • application of chemical agents

All these methods are associated with potential pain and unpleasant sensations during the treatment. The solution may seem to be chemicals, such as various ointments or other alkaline chemicals, however they act locally, are applied to both the healthy and affected epidermis and can cause burning and itching, and they leave scars.

Treatment of molluscum contagiosum usually lasts several weeks, but it can also extend to several months. The reason for the extension of this period is usually the transfer of eruptions from one site to another, e.g. as a result of scratching.

Can an adult catch molluscum from a child?

Yes, molluscum contagiosum in adults can occur as a result of infection transferred from a child. You can get infected through physical contact with an affected child or through contact with his/her personal belongings, in particular toiletries. To avoid infection, it is best not to share towels, bed linen, bath sponges, and bathtubs with a person with molluscum contagiosum. Adults should ensure that the infected child’s towel and pyjamas are changed each day.

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